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Christ on the Cross


Witness the awe-inspiring wooden masterpiece – Christ on the Cross. This breathtaking design captures His profound sacrifice, with a close-up of His face revealing divine serenity, compassion, and strength. Every intricately carved detail brings the wood to life, evoking a sense of reverence and contemplation. Read more below………

Artist – Unknown

Year – Unknown

Available in Beechwood and Maple, with widths ranging from 250 to 500 MM. Maple is limited to a maximum width of 400MM. Very rarely we may have Beechwood exceeding 500 MM as well.

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Representation through the ages

Experience the breathtaking artistry of a wooden masterpiece depicting Christ on the Cross. This awe-inspiring wood engraving of Christ on the Cross, focuses on a close-up of his face, meticulously carved with exquisite detail. His serene yet sorrowful expression conveys the depth of His sacrifice and the unwavering love He embodies.

The skillful craftsmanship brings the wood to life, capturing the contours and textures with remarkable precision. Every stroke of the carving bit reveals the profound emotions and spiritual significance of the scene. This breathtaking woodwork serves as a poignant reminder of Christ’s ultimate act of love and redemption.

 It invites viewers to reflect on the enduring message of faith, sacrifice, and hope. As light dances upon the intricately carved features, the artwork radiates a sense of reverence, evoking a powerful connection to the divine. 


About the Engraving / Sculpture

At Akriti Precision Systems we have created a stunning wood engraving of Christ on the Cross. The engraving is made from high-quality wood and is CNC machined to an accuracy of 25-50 Microns. 

This level of precision captures incredible details in the engraving, enhancing the beauty & wonder of the original painting by adding a new dimension to it i.e. depth. The engraving is available in a variety of woods, including Maple, Ashwood, Walnut, Wenge, and Beechwood. 

The Wood Engraving of Christ on the Cross will be a perfect addition to enhance the interiors of any home or office. 

– See some tips on decorations of spaces at home or in an office are given below.


Engraving in Beechwood - Your engraving may have different looking wood grain / effect

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Wood Types Fineness of Engraving Machining Hours Wood Finishing Tool Radius
Maple & Beechwood
100 Micron
or 0.1 MM
70 (35 x 42 CM)
500 Micron
or 0.5 MM

An Introduction to Wood Types Offered

 Decoration Ideas for Different Spaces

Here are some ideas for placing a religious wood engraving like this to decorate a wall:

  • In a central location. A religious wood engraving can be a beautiful and meaningful focal point for a room. Consider placing it in a central location, such as over a fireplace or on a wall opposite a sofa.
  • In a hallway. A religious wood engraving can also be used to add interest to a hallway. Choose an engraving that is proportionally the right size for the space and positioned so thwon’tt wont get easily damaged.

Read more in our Blog Post

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Looking for different wood and custom sizes?

Customize Your Design

Finished Lovingly by hand
Machined on CNC's Manufactured by Akriti Precision Systems

Additional information

Wood Type

Maple, Beechwood


300×250, 360×300, 420×350, 480×400, 540×450, 600×500


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