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Radha & Krishna in Absolute Bliss

Blissful Radha Krishna in Maple Wood

Ram Ji


In Sanatan Dharma, Ram ji is often depicted posing with bows and arrows. This is because he is considered to be the embodiment of dharma, or righteousness. The bow and arrow represent his power to protect the innocent and uphold the truth. Dharma is a central concept in Sanatan Dharma, and it refers to the cosmic order or law that governs the universe. It is also the moral code that guides human behavior. Ram ji is considered to be the ideal dharmic hero, and his actions are always motivated by a desire to uphold dharma.

Artist – Unknown

Year – Unknown

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About the Sculpture

The bow and arrow are a powerful weapon, and they represent Ram ji’s ability to vanquish evil and protect the innocent. They also symbolize his commitment to truth and justice. When Ram ji poses with bows and arrows, he is reminding us of his power to uphold dharma and protect the world from harm.

In addition to being a symbol of power and protection, the bow and arrow can also be seen as a metaphor for the human mind. The bow represents the intellect, and the arrow represents the will. When these two are united, they can be used to achieve great things. Ram ji’s mastery of the bow and arrow is a reminder that we can all use our minds and willpower to overcome challenges and make the world a better place.

The depiction of Ram ji with bows and arrows is a powerful reminder of his commitment to dharma and his willingness to fight for what is right. It is a reminder that we too can uphold dharma and make a difference in the world.

Engraving in Beechwood - Your engraving may have different looking wood grain / effect
Wood Types Fineness of Engraving Machining Hours Wood Finishing Tool Radius
100 Micron
or 0.1 MM
55 (58 x 25 CM)
500 Micron
or 0.5 MM

An Introduction to Wood Types Offered

 Decoration Ideas for Different Spaces

Here are some ideas for placing a religious wood engraving like this to decorate a wall:

  • In a central location. A religious wood engraving can be a beautiful and meaningful focal point for a room. Consider placing it in a central location, such as over a fireplace or on a wall opposite a sofa.
  • In a hallway. A religious wood engraving can also be used to add interest to a hallway. Choose an engraving that is proportionally the right size for the space and positioned so thwon’tt wont get easily damaged.

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Wood Type

Maple, Beechwood


580×250, 700×300, 810×350, 930×400, 1050×450, 1160×500


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